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Diet Pills: When Dieting Isn’t Enough

2012/11/18 Category :Diet Pills 0

The era of paper-thin models has begun. Are among the majority of the population wanting to be size 3 or 4 pretty soon? What has your diet regimen actually did to make your lose so much weight?

Or up to this time you are still ambivalent whether trimming down is the rightful path for you?

Aesthetics is the main reason why people go beyond their usual ways to remedy excessive inches on the waistline. Have you ever thought about it at a different perspective, though?

Losing weight is more than for beauty’s sake. Although not everybody grasp the relevance of looking good and being fitter to health, attempting to trim down a bit is a colossal change of lifestyle. That might just be your ticket to a healthier future.

The Rampant Truth

The advent of fast-food chains coupled the fast-paced lives of many of us who are always on-the-go. The increasing availability of food anywhere, anytime, made a world of food-lovers and, unfortunately, obese and overweight individuals.

This is not discriminating anyone weighing a little more than 150-200 pounds. This is reality check! Many individuals would rather go the easy way (grab fries and burger downtown) than grill a sandwich.

This sedentary lifestyle is predisposing almost half of the population to a series of lifestyle diseases. The increasing cases of both obese and overweight individuals ending up in the hospital a little too soon made the campaign towards being slimmer and fitter only better.

Beyond the Usual Diet
Some may not find fad diets and exercising not their cups of tea. Though it may sound a little too easy to be true, many are looking for answers in trusted dietary supplements.

Before you think of buying a box, though, do consider these facts about famed diet pills.

  • Diet pills are anti-obesity pills or weight loss pills. Though they promise results, they may or may not work for you. Remember that individuals are unique. One pill might not work efficiently well on you as it did on someone you know. Your body responds to medications differently. Whether they deliver results or not, it would be at your jurisdiction.
  • They are manufactured with one goal: to alter the weight regulation system of the body. These medications work by suppressing appetite, blocking absorption of certain compounds such as carbohydrates and fats and/or speeding up the normal metabolic processes of the body. Each diet pill may be presented with one or more of these mechanisms.
  • These medications work best as conjunctive therapies. In short, you don’t use them as primary methods of losing weight. You will have to invest time and effort on changing your lifestyle (eating habits and activity levels). That is why they are often termed as supplements. They only act as an appendage to your whole diet program.

For some diet pills are diet wonders. Let us, however, not forget that truest way to lose weight is to eat well and live well.

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The Truth about Diet Pills

2011/02/13 Category :Diet Pills 0

You might often see yourself wondering about losing weight. Well, who isn’t? Even the slimmest of models still consider losing weight at some points in his or her life.

Though you can say that trimming inches is a growing fad, many look at it at a different way. For some, losing an extra pound is a health-related endeavor.

People are considering hundreds of techniques in losing weight. Some have tried exercising, fad diets, yoga sessions, gym hours, sports and the list goes on. Diet pills are becoming a popular alternative to all these techniques.

They have gained instant popularity as they deliver fast results at a convenient, efficient and time-bound case. Aren’t they, though, too good to be true?

Here are some interesting truths that you might want to know about diet pills. Feast!

  • What are they?

Diet pills or anti-obesity medications or weight loss pills are pharmaceutical products used to manage weight.

They are most often referred as dietary supplements as they are taken in conjunction with other dieting techniques such as a weight watchers’ program or an Atkin’s Diet. They have become an on-the-go alternative to many weight management techniques such as gym classes or daily exercise.

  • Where did they originate?

Ancient Greece! A Greek physician in the person of Soranus created the idea of using laxatives or purgatives to manage weight effectively. The idea has flourished over the years.

Though at this point the original concept is wearing out (thanks to the advancements in pharmacology and related sciences, you wouldn’t be throwing up or moving bowels for life), the framework and general idea remain the same.

  • What were the very first weight loss pills?

Would you believe that thyroid hormones (used for thyroid hormone replacement therapies) were approved as weight loss pills in the 1920’s?

Amphetamines which are now used to treat psychiatric disorders were weight loss pills once (back in the fruitful years of 1973). The increasing incidences of misuse and addiction, though, paved way for a recall of medications after 6 years.

  • Are these pills safe for use?

They wouldn’t be out in the market if they weren’t. The body, unique as it is, reacts on different medications are varying degrees. Some components may work or may not work at your disposal.

If you have certain underlying conditions such as allergies and liver problems, it is a must that you need to consult your physician. These are chemical products. Their components can induce allergic reactions.

  • Are they FDA approved?

For release and use, yes. However, they belong on the cosmetic and supplement category. This would entitle them a ‘no therapeutic claim’ label. This means that there is no specific formulation whatsoever followed in the production of these pills.

They are, then, not regulated or controlled.

  • Do they have side effects?

Yes. At least some claim that they do. There are no reports, though, that there have been incidences of grave reactions. Nevertheless, take time to read the accompanying drug literature. It’s better to know.

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